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Your Restaurant's Daily Bread: 3 Reasons Why Wholesale Is Better Than In-House Made Loaves

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Diners love "real" and "authentic" ingredients and recipes, and they love to know that your restaurant or cafe makes a dish in-house from scratch. But bread may be one item that's better left to a wholesale bakery for these 3 reasons:

1) Bread baking is a science.

One of the hobgoblins of every food service business is consistency. Customers want to know that your menu offerings will be exactly the same every time they visit. If you have an in-house bread baker, they will need to be an expert in the science of bread making.

Temperature, humidity, oven performance, and quality of ingredients all affect how a loaf of bread looks, how high it rises, and how good it tastes. To have a consistent bread product that your patrons rely upon, every aspect of the bread-making process must be followed to the letter each time.

Wholesale bread bakers have the science down, and you know when you order their products, they will be uniform and always of the highest quality.

2) Bread baking requires a lot of room.

To bake bread, you'll need scales to weigh flour, a lot of ovens, and plenty of storage space for large sacks of flour, refrigerated cake yeast, and loaf pans. You'll also need at least one huge mixer, a place to proof sponges and doughs, and racks on which to cool bread before it's stored.

If your restaurant has the room, this isn't an issue. If you're already running out of prep space, letting a wholesale bakery, like Klosterman Baking Company, handle your bread needs will save you. Your kitchen won't be crowded, you won't have to worry about running out of ingredients, and there's no extra need to be concerned about insects and rodents getting into your stored flours.

3) Wholesale bread bakers offer more delicious varieties.

Unless you have a full-service bakery on site, you simply won't have the ability to create the many different types of bread that a wholesale bread maker produces. Even if you want to have your own in-house bread as your signature meal accompaniment, having access to a wholesale bakery's products will enhance your various dishes and will allow you to perfectly pair artisan and gourmet breads with new recipes you create.

If you need a rich brioche for a special bread pudding, the wholesale bread maker will have it. Do you want the best pumpernickel for a signature sandwich? It's no problem. Or do you need ethnic breads made with hard-to-source ingredients? That's not a problem either. Some wholesale bread makers even bake gluten-free and vegan options. You can offer more variety and quality breads to your diners when you let the professional, large-scale bakers do the work.